Add a Full-Featured Home Theater to Your Home

Add a Full-Featured Home Theater to Your Home

Arrange for expert home theater installation services in Haymarket & Chantilly, Virginia

Our home theater installation specialists can install in-wall surround sound speakers, mount TVs and hide unsightly wires. You can trust us to transform any room in your house into a home theater that looks and functions just the way you want. A home theater can bring your family together and bring live sports and movies to life in the comfort of your home.

ARMTEK Security Systems Inc specializes in home theater installation services in the Haymarket and Chantilly, Virginia area. We install home theaters in new construction and existing homes. It's actually easiest to install the wiring and equipment needed for your home theater during construction.

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Enjoy the movie theater experience at home

ARMTEK Security Systems installs home theaters in Haymarket & Chantilly, Virginia. A home movie theater can:

  • Increase the value of your home
  • Bring the blockbuster movie experience to your living room
  • Enhance your room's audio quality
  • Connect your electronic devices
  • Allow you to host social gatherings

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